On-page SEO and off-page SEO are required to succeed in organic searches, and both of these factors are considered very important by the search engines. Link building is an off-page SEO technique, and over the years, we have observed an increased focus towards off-page SEO strategies, but the importance of on-page SEO can never be denied. If on-page SEO is not good enough, your site is not going to rank you among the organic search results. So in this article, we will cover the most significant on-page SEO factors and their importance.


Google has always given importance to high-quality content and make sure that the site is producing good quality content for the users and rank those pages higher than those having low-quality content. E-A-T Stands for expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. It is a framework that is used by Google to evaluate the content creators and the quality of the websites. It plays a vital role in Google ranking, so your SEO strategy must consider E-A-T.

Title tag

In the head section of a web page, there is a title tag which indicates the subject of the content of that particular webpage. A title tag is usually featured prominently in organic search engine rankings, so it has a lot of impact on it. It means that a duplicate, low quality or missing title tag will have a negative consequence on your entire SEO campaign.

Meta description

A Meta description is the main content of a web page and it is usually displayed under the title tag. Meta description always helps in better ranking and improves the click-through rate.


Compelling headlines perform better and the best headline always indicates the difference between the impression and the clicks. So it is essential to create those headlines strategically to get more clicks.

SEO friendly writing

It means to create the content of your website by considering the visitors and as well as the website. For that, you must do keyword research before producing great quality content that is useful for the readers and as well as search engine friendly.

Content audit

Auditing is as crucial as the other steps of on-page SEO. It helps you to overcome the mistakes while running your online SEO campaign and supports you to achieve your goals faster.

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