Backlinks occur when different types of websites link to one another. For example, when an outside website or domain connects or links to your website, you, as a result, get a backlink. Backlinks are considered very valuable in an SEO strategy. When you start receiving the backlinks from external websites, it is going to increase the credibility of your website. It is a vote of confidence that your page gets. The more backlinks your website gets the more it will be easier for the search engines to rank it positively higher. Briefly speaking, it will increase your visibility, organic traffic and sales.

How to get backlinks?

There are many ways which can be adopted to get the quality backlinks without getting the Google penalty. Here are a few top suggestions to properly build the backlinks.

Leverage partnership

Just look around and search for the partners in your industry or niche, and ask them if they are interested to add a link to your website pages. Since you belong to their industry, and they have a niche relationship with you, so it is more likely to get a backlink from these websites.

Add long-form content

When you start adopting and implementing your backlink strategy, then make sure to develop at least one page on your website which has long-form content. Make sure that this content should be valuable to the readers. If you have a large social circle or PR, then encourage them to promote this piece of content to get quality backlinks.

Create blog posts

One of the most effective ways to get quality backlinks includes creating blog posts. When you write the blog posts, then make sure that these are useful for the readers and are engaging. You need to develop quality content regularly, and as a result, it will increase your authority. You will ultimately get quality backlinks for your website. After getting a backlink, make sure to funnel the authority to the main or key page. For that, you need to edit this blog post and include a link to your key page.

Guest posting

Guest posting is another way to get backlinks, and here you submit content to another website that is relevant to your webpage. These websites allow you to write content for them and link backs to your website, but here you must make sure to write a well-structured and useful content for the readers without hyping up your company. is full-service internet marketing and SEO Company in UAE offers innovative internet marketing solutions to mid to large size businesses across the world.

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