The content of your website is very helpful in reaching your readers or audience but, how to catch the attention of your potential readers? Your headlines are the first thing that your readers see when they land on your page. So how we can make your headlines killer to grab the attention of your customers. Here are a few tips that will help you to optimize the content on your website for your readers to rank better in the search engine.

  1. Start with a sample title

You can start with a sample title, and once you are done with your content, you can go back to your title and select it based on the final version of your content.

  1. Be specific

It is better to avoid topics like “tips for writing best blog posts”. These types of headings are imprecise, go in several directions, and seem difficult for the readers. Your headlines should be clear, accurate, and must have valuable content, like using “5 tips to optimize your blog content for better ranking”. These types of titles have some expectations for the readers and it does not run in many directions.

  1. Get creative with your headings

Keeping your targeted audience in mind, you need to create the headings of your content. You can add the headings creatively and can craft the headlines with bold statements like “a proven formula” “the research shows” and “foolproof ways to” etc.

  1. Optimize your title

Depending upon your goals, the length of your title can vary. It is best to use the title that is less than 70 in characters. Use your primary keywords in your title as much as possible. To optimize the content for your social media accounts, it is recommended to use 12 words for your Facebook posts and130 characters for Twitter headlines. If you are interested in email marketing, then you need to test your emails with different subject lines as the mobile devices must show the maximum characters or words of the title. Do some experiments to make sure that your messages get across well in mobile devices.

  1. Use free resources

There are plenty of free resources available for title generation. You can use “seopressor” and “portent” for this purpose.

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