Ci3 Industries delivers digital-first industry cloud software solutions, driving customer-centric transformations at the world’s leading companies and agencies.

Why Ci3?
Ci3 delivers next-generation on-demand enterprise business applications for major industries. It’s a robust and scalable business solution that can handle big data and complex business processes with ease!

Why Ci3 is the #1 choice for your business?
Ci3 is a robust, scalable & flexible ERP solution that provides a comprehensive set of features based on industries’ best practices to bring the best experience at all levels of the organization.

Why Ci3 is not just an ERP system?
Our ERP software not only offers business processes based on industry best practices but also streamlines your work through our creative and intuitive AI solution!

Top Features

1. Powered By AI
Ci3 automates your work processes by proactively making recommendations and suggestions based on your organization’s workflows and gets the work done for you!

2. Scalable_&_Flexible
Ci3 is a highly customizable and scalable ERP solution, suitable for businesses of any size. Ci3 can be easily configured to meet your business needs and offers a platform for organizations to evolve and grow!

3. Cost_Effective
Ci3 is a cloud-based ‘all-in-one’ ERP solution that saves you from the hassle of bearing huge licensing fees of having multiple systems to manage your various business functions.

4. Builds_Transparency
Ci3 offers state of an art approval matrix system and provides complete visibility at all levels of the organization, helps you make data-driven decision making through real-time dashboards, smart alerts, and more!

5. StreamlineProcesses
Streamline Processes
With the Ci3 ERP solution, not only your work is completely automated but you also leverage from the streamlined processes based on the industry best practices!

6. Collaborative
Ci3 offers built-in business communicators for employees at levels to communicate with one another and get work done efficiently!

Our Products

Human Resource Management
Ci3 is an all-in-one ERP system designed to unify all your human resource operations across your organization. Ci3’s HRM approach is to streamline the management of your human capital through predefined process flows based on the industry’s finest practices. Ci3 brings you complete solutions with features such as recruitment, payrolls, appraisals, leaves, loans, expenses & more.

Financial Management
Ci3 is designed to manage your business financials based on facts. It provides complete visibility through financial reports such as balance sheets, profit reports, loss reports, cash flow statements & more, based on international accounting standards. Ci3 helps you create sharp and professional invoices, manage recurring billings, and easily track payments. You can also control supplier invoices and get a clear forecast for your future bills. Ci3’s state-of-the-art dashboard gives you a clear overview of overdue bills, receivables, and treasury forecasts.

Inventory Management
Ci3 is a modern online warehouse management system that helps optimize your workflow by ensuring that your inventory is always replenished to fulfill the demands of your customers. Ci3 lets you track every stock move from purchase to sales order. You can trace lots or serial upstreams from anywhere in your supply chain. With Ci3 you can scan products in your warehouse through bar code scanners, manage your dashboards, track orders, and more.

Clinic Management
Ci3 helps you manage your clinic by providing complete visibility of your health care operations. It lets you maintain patient history, make a quick prognosis, add patients diagnosis & more. Our ERP software is designed to bring together all the pre-requisites to run your clinic through a single platform. Ci3’s clinic management system offers patient profiling, doctor profiling, patient appointments, patient history, invoicing, lab tests, and more.

Sales Management
Ci3 offers a state-of-the-art sales management system that not only provides an organized sales pipeline for your business but also ensures traceability over the whole process, capturing any data and information that enters or exits your business cycle so that you don’t miss out on anything important when dealing with your customers!

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Ci3 is the #1 ERP solution that automates all your business processes and takes your organization to the next level of success that you wish to achieve. Request a demo to see how Ci3 works. Visit us at

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