ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning technologies in the healthcare industry assists in automating various manual tasks that consume time and resources from healthcare professionals and streamlining data flow through numerous departments in a medical facility.

These systems are used for the improved management and real-time tracking of the available resources and reducing operational costs. Services in the global healthcare ERP market can be availed to offer enhanced patient care and patient-practitioner relationships and to minimize clinical errors. These software tools can effectively handle and manage a huge amount of data produced through EHR and offer attractive solutions to improve the efficiency of the client or back office-related processes.

Integration of cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) is favoring the growing global healthcare ERP market. Industry players have started integrating AI technologies for various applications such as gaining actionable and detailed insights and providing customized and personalized patient engagement at a lower cost.

AI can assist in automating various tedious and time-consuming tasks such as data entry, billing, records management, expenses tracking, and feedback. The growing adoption of artificial intelligence technologies in the global healthcare ERP market can offer promising opportunities for market players in the coming years. AI technologies can be a great way to manage and improve customer engagement as it opens many doors to enhanced and technologically advanced patient-clinician interactions.

About Ci3’s Clinic Management Solution

Ci3 is adept at simplifying the complex appointment scheduling process and eliminates the ordeal of patients waiting endlessly for their turn. Ci3 offers patient appointment solutions, patient history, doctor evaluation, insurance management, invoicing, and more!

Why Ci3 Clinic Management solution?

•Centralized Information
Keeps all the critical information centralized by bringing healthcare providers, insurance providers, and patients under a single platform

•Quality Patient Care
Helps organize patient’s medical records which enables healthcare staff to make quick and right diagnoses, ensuring quality patient care!

•Online Appointments
With Ci3’s clinic management solution, keep missed appointments at a minimum through smart alerts, manages last-minute cancellations & appointment adjustments

•Smart Patient Profiling
Reduce workload on reception by minimizing queue wait times and hefty paperwork through Ci3’s easy-to-use patient profiling interface

Top Features

o Appointment Management
Save precious time for both your staff and patients alike, by offering online appointments through Ci3. Our solution offers a Kanban view for managing patient appointments with an option to see daily, weekly, and monthly doctor schedules.

o Prescription Management
Improve your patient’s health care through Ci3’s prescription management solution and track the patient’s health by reviewing diagnosis and medication history. This feature allows you to create patients’ prescriptions with medication, indication, dosage, frequency & treatment duration based on the historic patient evaluations.

o Patient Profiling
Maximize operational efficiency and improve patient experience through personalized patient profiling. Ci3 helps create patient profiles with all the important details to help manage patient appointments, invoices, prescriptions, lab tests & more!

o Doctor Profiling
Ci3 helps you manage doctor profiles with their specialties to aid in effective clinical workflow and streamlined operations. Ci3 allows you to create a profile of your doctor with details like qualification, schedules, consultancy type, consultancy charge & more!

o Lab Test Reports
Get fully enforced quality checks and a reduced amount of time that is spent on paperwork by offering immediate access to laboratory tests & results. This feature offers patients a view of their immediate test results, historical tests & much more!

o Instant Lab Test Results
Reduce the time required for your patient’s prognosis by providing them with a more convenient way to access lab results by automatic notification towards patients and doctors with lab test reports.

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