Email Opening Rate: How to escalate it?

Email is one of the most powerful tools to stay in touch with the people, clients and customers in the world and as well as in UAE. For marketers, emails have always been a marketing tool to stay connected with the audience. Though sending emails is very common, and marketers have used it for a long time for publicizing purposes, but there are some challenges associated with it. Throughout the world, billions of emails are sent and received. But that is also a bitter reality that most of these emails are ignored and remain in the inbox of the people. If your email is not catchy, or if you have not worked on it properly, then there are chances that your email will be ignored just like the other in your inbox. So what you can do for it? There are several ways by which you can increase the chances of your email opening rate. The main thing is to think about the content of your email, its readers and format.


The content of email matters a lot. It must provoke the reader. Otherwise, it will be ignored. Try to make the subject line of the email that grabs the attention of the reader. You must give them the hint that what this email is all about? Make the content of the email in a way that is attention-grabbing, shows the urgency and quotes something very special. You need to be to the point. It will help the readers to understand the email. Create a precise, short and comprehensive email that covers all the important points so that the readers can read it without spending too much time on it.


Visual elements play a vital role in the opening rate of emails. The first thing readers will see is the design of your email. Here you can portray your brand or products in the best possible way. Here the design will show the nature of your brand, product and services. Try to develop the designs of email templates in a more sophisticated way to grab the attention of the readers.


If you want to stand out, then don’t afraid to do the experiments. You must test different styles, designs and templates of emails to get the best one. To create a unique and good email template it is very important to think clearly about a few things. The first thing is the sending time and day of the email. You must know and experiment with different email titles and pick the best one which is most effective. How you will name the sender and which type of tags are you going to use? You can create 2 to 3 emails by sending them to the sample audience to check the responsiveness. Here you can conclude and check which email performed better. is an online marketing agency based in UAE with a qualified team of certified experts providing a complete bundle for email marketing and other IT solutions to various industries according to their needs.

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