SEO marketing strategies are considered impossible and incomplete without generating quality content and blogging. But the main thing is to create and manage the blog in an appropriate way to get the benefits of SEO from it. There are millions of websites with good quality content but how you can make your blog stand out from others? In this article, we will discuss the strategies that can be implemented to run a successful blog to bring organic traffic.

Understand the difference

The first thing is to understand the difference between features of blogging in 2019 and previous years. Google is continuously changing its strategies and policies to rank the websites. It is very tough now to rank a website than it was in previous years. Now the Google RankBrain has evolved, which has changed the way of ranking the websites. It is continuously evolving and improving the relationship between the clicks and the search queries by studying it through machine learning. Since Google keeps on changing its ranking factors and software, the main focus should be on developing the quality content, which truly delivers the solutions to the search queries.

Make your blog existed in site navigation

For best SEO practices, it is always recommended to make your blog reachable through site navigations. The purpose is to get the attention of Google while it is crawling through the website. When Google identifies the content relevancy between site navigation and other structured data, it ranked it. Similarly, when visitors find the blog on the homepage of the website, the chances of their clicks are stronger here.

Build buyer’s persona

Building buyer’s persona is very important to successfully run a blog and to target the right audience. Instead of targeting the highly searched keywords, focus on getting higher conversions by targeting the buyers. You can also get help from social media platforms by using the data collected by it. Here you can see the most searched and shared topics. You can now target those topics for your blogging.

Wisely choose the blog structure

Once you know about your purchasers, their interests and their buying history, now it’s time to arrange and build-up the structure of your blog by choosing the right keywords. You need to target the topic-based keywords instead of highly searched keywords to generate more sales.

Make an attractive graphical CTA

You need to create a well-managed and attractive CTA at the end of each of your blog. People do not like exploring websites for too long. It is ideal to provide them with access to the spot. For that, you must create a CTA at the end of each blog with all the featured relevant products. That will give quick access to the visitors and there are chances of getting the increased conversion rate and sales.

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