In today’s latest era of technology, Instagram is one of the best platforms to share videos and engage the customer. If you also want to get the right benefits and want to make your video stand out, then stick with these key steps to create a perfect video for your Instagram.

Start with a script

A perfect script is a base of an engaging video, so before you start making your video, pen down the essential points that you want to show up in your video. If you are intending to make a testimonial video; you must create a script with dialogues, and if you want to make a documentary video, then it must have all the necessary and relevant information with facts and figures. Similarly, if you are making a cooking video, you must note down the recipe and the steps you are going to follow in your video. Try to make your script precise and brief.

Select the equipment

Once you are done with your scriptwriting, now it’s time to choose the right equipment to make a video. You can use your phone camera to make videos. If you want to give a professional look to your videos, you can also use DSLR or mirrorless camera for video making. If your budget allows, then you can go for extra things to improve the quality of your videos like lights and the use of external microphones.

Setting up your equipment and start filming

Before you start filming your video, make sure to properly adjust the camera and see the lightning conditions. For that, you can make a trial video, and then start filming your actual video. The professional cameras allow you many options to adjust the resolution, lighting conditions and automatic features for filming a video. Your mobile camera will allow you limited features but still, you can use it to make crisp videos.

Video editing

This is the most significant part of video making, and here you can make your video stand out from the rest of the crowd. If you do not know how to make and edit the videos, take the services of video editors to make your videos look professional. While editing a video focus on developing a precise and short video because there are only a few seconds to grab the attention of the audience or viewers.

Add description and hashtags

After making your video and posting it, now it’s time to add a perfect description that reflects your brand and convey the idea behind your video. It is very significant to add relevant hashtags to your video as there is a huge strategy behind putting these hashtags in your videos. Hashtags are effective to increase your visibility, so don’t forget to research before using these hashtags.

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