It is estimated that every second almost 40,000 queries are keyed into Google. On an annual note, this adds up 1.2 trillion searches. You can face tough competition if you are generating traffic via Google. Due to the increased number of searches and tough competition, you must be assured that SEO strategies are good enough to deal with the situation. Your chances of getting success are only possible when you will target the organic traffic. Here in this article, you are going to learn about the ways by which you can increase the number of visitors and can generate the organic traffic for your website in UAE.

Post original content

Maintaining high-quality content is very important to generate organic traffic. Before you begin your SEO strategies, make sure to develop the original, useful and high-quality content for your website. Reposting the articles or duplicating the content is not going to work for you in generating the organic traffic. For that, you must adhere to the originality and create the original and well-researched content. For that, you can also get help from the plagiarism checking tool. These tools will help you to make a proper plan to generate high-quality content with minimum or no duplication. Valuable content also encourages the visitors to bookmark your page. By creating the quality and valuable content for the audience you are going to encourage them to revisit your site.

Avoid slow page load time

A slow page load time can greatly affect your organic search ranking. The pages having slow load time are not ranked by the google as it shows little or no user engagement. When the visitors face the problem of slow page loading, they bounce back and as a result, it creates a negative impression of a website. Google identifies those pages and drops the ranking. For that, you must check the loading speed of your website on and off. When its loading sped is great, visitors will keep searching on it. Besides that, you can take a few steps to increase the loading speed by optimizing the images and by removing unnecessary elements on your website.

Proper formatting is a cure

To increase the user experience, it is crucial to design and develop the website with proper formatting. A plain white unformatted website is not going to get the attention of the users. It will not engage the users with your website and as a result, it will decrease your organic traffic. For that, you must use the proper tags, Meta description and header tags to tweak the organic traffic.

Resizing files and images

Factors like image size, file size and format play a major role in loadings speed of a website. Try to compress the images and files to enhance the loading speed of a website.

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