NEW YORK, NY, USA, January 24, 2021 — Imagine visiting a vacation destination while sitting in your living room before finalizing the next vacation trip? How about trying a cloth before making an ONLINE PURCHASE while sitting on your bed? Have you ever thought of a doctor conducting a critical surgery 7000 miles away from his hospital?

Napollo, a New York based software development firm with its operating centers in Dubai & Islamabad is all set to revolutionize the world with its strong faculty of Ph.D.’s and access to the best graduates in Top Universities.

Over the past 2 years, Napollo has focused entirely on creating and deploying the VR & AR technologies in Fashion, Healthcare, Tourism, and Real Estate start-ups and established businesses.

In the Healthcare sector, Advancements in medical devices and training techniques hold promise for saving and improving lives. But our current system of training surgeons has lagged behind the pace of innovation — leaving some doctors unprepared to perform complex surgeries and putting some patients at risk. Using virtual reality technology in training may play an important role in addressing these deficiencies and improving skills.

In Fashion Industry, Big problem for E-commerce players is the customer returns after making a purchase. Napollo has been working for many years in determining the human body through computer vision and mapping it digitally for customers to try the clothes before making the purchase.

Pandemic has made it hard for customers to visit the real estate sites to see the model homes hence VR environment of the model home has made it easy for real estate tycoons to grab the attention of property buyers without incurring big costs.

Napollo Software Design is actively partnering with strategic players to further refine and enhance the digital experience in this decade through its strong Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence & Computer Vision expertise.

Napollo is among the Top Tier Tech companies with advanced expertise provided by Ph.D.’s in Computer Science from world-renowned universities & experienced professionals from international tech giants. For more information about partnering with Napollo and its company, please contact

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