The 4 Mistakes to Avoid on Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are specifically designed for businesses. The ad manager manages sponsored ads served by companies to target people of interest. To achieve their goals, companies create campaigns by choosing one of three strategies:

  • Awareness: This Digital marketing Agency Dubai UAE goal has one goal which is awareness.
  • Consideration: This option looks for traffic and interactions.
  • Conversion: In this perspective, the company seeks profitability.

Do not have Specific Goals

For a well-defined marketing goal, you need specific ideas. Your strategy starts from here. Ask yourself some key question before you begin, such as Do you want to increase the reputation of your company? Do you want to advertise the service or product you are offering? Do you want to make sales and make the figure directly? This method is essential to start a Facebook Ads campaign without going wrong.

Look for Immediate Results

An SEO strategy is not easy to set up. You will need to get to know the industry and even see if Facebook Ads is the best way to reach your goals. If this is the case, you will still have to go through early stages of testing at:

  • The Adjustment of the Investment: it is rare to make a profit on the first months. You have to be ready to “lose” money in order to be in the right light and to be more efficient afterwards.
  • The Acquisition of the Audience: developing a database of quality and adapted to your offer is not easy. You will need to analyze all this data to use the data you need. This is where the use of the Facebook Pixel will come into play.

Not Properly Programming Your Pixel

Facebook Pixel is a JavaScript code to install on your site. It has an indispensable role to the good development of your strategy; it allows to track visitors to your site and moreover to track conversions on your Facebook ads. Luckily, you will be able to create re-targeting and/or lookalike audiences to respectively re-launch the users passed on your site and to extend the data based on the collected information of these users in question. Overlooking this component would prevent you from using the power of the algorithm of Facebook optimally.

Do not Vary Your Re-targeting

Having the data of potential targets is one thing, not losing those targets is another. Do not be oppressive with advertisements, be it recurrence or stubbornness to show the same advertisement every time. Space your ads, vary the visuals, show a different article if there was no purchase despite the raise after the visit, etc.

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